These entries are arranged according to category – so scroll down to see magazine articles, newspaper articles, online magazine and newspaper articles and sub-edited news and web content, in that order.

Magazine articles

AtoB Magazine – October 2012

Heritage Railway Magazine – October 2012

Kindred Spirit – Summer 2012

Kindred Spirit – March/April 2011

Kindred Spirit Magazine – January 2011

Britain At War Magazine – November 2010

World War 2 Reenactors Magazine – 2010

The Ecologist – August 1999

The Ecologist – January 1999

The Lady Magazine – 1995 – My first published article

Newspaper articles

Asian Sunday – January 2012

Online magazines and newspapers – in alphabetical order according to magazine title

Ask The Experts

Bristol 24-7 Regional News Site

Ceasefire Magazine

Energy & Environment Magazine

Energy Sense Magazine

Sub-edited news articles and web content

Renewable Energy Focus

Renewables Guide

Solar Guide

Builder Guide

Boiler Guide

Solar Energy Experts

Solar Pages

Gap Medics – an online information guide for prospective medical students (2011)

Looking For Clues – A US entertainment news, review and movie website – music review website

World-edu – a US environmental news site for students

Millhouse Data Communications – Technology Website